Kungarakan & Warai

Traditional Custodians

As many other Aboriginal tribal groups before the arrival of Europeans, Kungarakan and Warai culture was ancient and pure; un-weakened by invasion and dispossession.

Kungarakan language, song, dance and social structures were distinctive and strong. For the Kungarakan people long life, health and well-being was assured by the fresh waters of the Nungalakoo (Finniss River) and its multiple estuaries and pools. Kungarakan shared life with tribal allies in the region with whom were shared marriage, hunting and ceremony rites.

Kungarakan have not forgotten culture and still practice culture through juluk (ceremony), passing on language and naming our children in the tradition of our ancestors. The Paperbark People have traditionally been powerful and well respected with access to plentiful supplies of fresh water wildlife and bush foods to sustain them and share with neighbours.

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